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I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.

Frederick Douglas

  • Looking through a lens - Deepak Julien

    Looking through a lens

    You can find many items at home to shoot if you are bored and with a bit of creative thinking (Note: I don’t claim that I am a creative person though). The ones I have here were shot using a ordinary 35mm lens with ambient lighting outside my house. And the subject is very cooperative.

  • Macro photography - Deepak Julien

    20x magnification on a .......

    Macro photography has always been my interest. Capturing an image of a tree bark or water droplets on a leaf blade in great detail is always challenging. Being close to the subject is an wonderful feeling, as you get closer to the object, its identity changes, its texture, form, shape and rendering an object in such tight focus brings out its unique beauty and complexity.

    More macro photographs by me

  • Ride on Dad's Car - Deepak Julien

    Ride on Dad's Car

    It is true that I do research cars, talk about them, attend car shows, what I love most is driving cars. I am happy to say that the importance of my Dad's old car, a 1990 Fiat in my life has dwindled somewhat. A fine weekend, I took her for a 90 km trip to Shrine Basilica Church in Poondi, TN.

    No assisted brakes, No power steering, No music system! It was a different experience though!

    Click here for more pictures from the trip

  • Bird Photography - Deepak Julien

    Bird Photography

    No matter however close I get, it still feels not enough when shooting birds. Many people give up photographing birds because of the crappy results they usually get. It takes steady equipment, a lot of patience and a lot of photos to get anything more than little specks. I had to crop the image above, and that's a bird on a tree in my house. Tame birds are easy.


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